Where Eagles Dare to Fly

The weather has been cooperating to such a degree lately resulting in pretty much daily trips down to our local beach to watch the Bald Eagles practicing their hunting, flying, fighting and landing skills. Their aerial ballet is incredible to witness as they use the wind to their best advantage to get the most out of each flight. When they clash, there is beautiful chaos in the flurry of feathers and the tangle of talons

cu-eagles-12-may-8 cu-eagles-12-may-16
dropped-fish booth-bay-10-may-35

Herons in Booth Canal

On my home from Ganges the other evening, I decided to take the backroads and visit Booth Canal to see what was happening at high tide during the sunset. A couple of Great Blue Herons were feeding in the shallows of the canal, their silhouettes and reflections reminiscent of Zen-like paintings with a golden light as a background. As I was photographing the herons, a large flock of Canadian Geese began to arrive to settle in for the night…another incredible feast for the senses on Salt Spring!


Peregrines & Sunsets

I have been visiting the summit of Mt. Maxwell (Bayne’s Peak) for the past 20 years to enjoy the ever-changing skies, flora & fauna in one of Salt Spring’s most visited parks. In those 20 years, I have seen Peregrine Falcons a handful of times: a couple when I was rock climbing on the sheer faces, once in a dense fog for a fleeting moment and twice from the summit as they zipped by me at some incredible speed (they can reach up to 300 kph in a dive!).

Last night I was fortunate enough to see an adult and a juvenile flying together for 20-30 minutes, in and out of the trees as well as high over the Burgoyne Valley. I heard their screeches before seeing them which was fortunate since I may have missed them otherwise! I’ve posted some larger versions of these photos in my Recent album along with some other images from the top of the mountain.

It is definitely an experience that I will never forget and that I feel very privileged to have witnessed!

Falcon-01-Aug-3 Falcon-01-Aug-9 Falcon-01-Aug-7 Falcon-01-Aug-16 Falcon-01-Aug-11 Falcon-01-Aug-17

Herring Spawning

A few years ago, Herring decided to visit Salt Spring to spawn in the inner harbour of Ganges. There was quite a show to be enjoyed as the water bubbled & frothed with the spawning of thousands and thousands of fish.

Booth Bay, Vesuvius Bay and Fernwood Dock were on the Herrings’ itinerary this year so I wandered down to Booth Bay to see what I could see…Herring Roe were covering virtually every rock that had seaweed or kelp attached to it: millions & millions of eggs that will, if all goes well, hatch in two or three weeks from now which will attract all sorts of birds to feed. Can’t wait until the eggs are hatched!

Roe-02-April Roe-02-April-11
Roe-02-April-7 Roe-02-April-2Roe-02-April-9

Migrants in Booth Bay

An unusual number of ducks showed up in the waters of Booth Bay this year: Mergansers, Common Golden-eyes, Buffleheads, Mallards, an American Widgeon and even a Loon! It was exciting to watch then paddle about in the canal, Booth Inlet and the bay itself as they wandered far and wide in search of food.