Recent Works

It has been a very busy, very productive summer for me here in my studio on Salt Spring Island.

I finally managed to set up and calibrate my archival printer and have been working on producing many new works in B&W and colour on beautiful papers ranging from 8 1/2” x 11” up to 17” x 22”. The results are much better than I had expected them to be and I am enjoying the precise control that comes with printing using a professional series printer. Subtle, continuous tones, vibrant colours and crisp rendering of the most detailed images make working in the studio a pure joy even in the warm, sunny summer months!

Two new B&W series have come together as a result of some recent work and editing:

The Mists of Time which deals with contemplative images taken on the overcast, foggy days that are encountered so often when living along the coast.

The Excursionists is a series of images inspired by the notion of a time when visiting the next village was a major undertaking. This series explores the day to day journeys that we as islanders must take in order to reach our eventual destinations.

stowell-bw ferry-BW-14-aug-7

I’ve also managed to get back out for more (moderate!) hiking and kayaking which has boosted my spirits immeasurabley as I continue to deal with fatigue from my various renal medications. As long as I am able to continue pursuing my photography in the out of doors, fully immersed in nature, then I will be content!