The way to Mount Tuam lies along Musgrave Road:  this is a very rough track so only venture up here if you have four wheel drive or little regard for your vehicle...I regularly risk it in my Honda Civic but then I don't have too much regard for the cosmetic value of my car!  Incredible panoramas of the Gulf Islands, views of the Coast Mountains, Olympic Penninsula and Vancouver Island's Mountains can all be experienced from the top of Tuam.  On a good day you can see all the way to Mt. Rainier!  Numerous waterfalls and hiking trails are accessible further down Musgrave Road towards Musgrave Landing...many, many days worth of adventures await you there!


Moon over Vancouver Island

moon and clouds @ sunrise

Sunrise above the clouds

sunrise over clouds

Beam of light on Musgrave Road

a ray of light on Musgrave Road

Waterfall on Musgrave Road

a classic waterfall on Musgrave

Composition in a stream

waterfall detail

a static fern

headwaters of the falls


meandering waters

all photos Michael Levy/Flat Earth Photography