Samsun Narrows from the Summit


The most spectacular sunsets on the island are definitely seen from the height of Bayne's Peak in Mount Maxwell Provincial Park.  The peak is accessible via Cranberry Road: a car with good clearance is recommended due to the steep dirt road.  Trails wind their way all around the peak in amongst the Douglas Firs and Garry Oaks but be careful!  Steep cliffs abound in this park and the rock is somewhat unstable in some areas.  A fence has been installed along the summit view points since anywhere beyond usually requires a rope!  Please don't throw anything over the edge as there may be a climber on their way up or a hiker on a trail along the base of the peak.

Since the inclusion of Burgoyne Bay in the park boundaries it is now possible to complete a hike from the ocean to the peak of Mt. Maxwell.  The going is somewhat tough but the views along the way are reward enough for all of the effort.  Please remain on the designated trails at all times as much of the habitat, especially the Garry oaks, is quite fragile.

Above the clouds on Maxwell

a climber in the bluffs

Overlooking Fulford Valley

sunset from the summit

Druids' circle

a meditation circle

Overlooking Samsun Narrows

overlooking Sansum Narrows

  Along the base of Bayne's Peak

moss covered boulders at the base

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summit during winter

valley.jpg (57762 bytes)

Fulford & Burgoyne Valleys

druidsice.jpg (100424 bytes)

meditation circle in snow

all photos Michael Levy/Flat Earth Photography