After a hike up a steep trail you can sit back and enjoy the view from the summit of Mount Erskine.  Keep an eye out along the way up for some interesting inhabitants...Arbutus, Firs and Manzanitas are the dominant trees to be found on this peak and a special trip up around mid-June will be rewarded with a psychedelic display of the Arbutus during their annual peel sessions...enjoy!  If you pay attention to what's at your feet as well you'll be treated to the surprise of finding the various Gnome's habitations along some of the trails...


The top of Mt. Erskine is up for sale and we have until August 2005 to come up with the funds to purchase this property.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to preserve this incredible part of the island for future generations to enjoy.  To make a donation or for further information, please visit the Salt Spring Conservancy website by clicking the logo below...


Erskine-pan.jpg (44200 bytes)

view from the summit

Ersk-Moss.jpg (106213 bytes)

an arbutus covered in Spanish moss

ARB_Shadow.jpg (58720 bytes)

peeling arbutus

ARB_Wrinkle.jpg (51175 bytes)

a wrinkle in time

ARB_berry_cluster.jpg (78016 bytes)

arbutus berries

Gnomes-002.jpg (74507 bytes)

a snag with a secret...

Gnomes-001.jpg (76468 bytes)

the "secret" revealed

Gnomes-003.jpg (78101 bytes)

another gnome's home on the trail

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all photos Michael Levy/Flat Earth Photography